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Austin Dickinson is one of the main characters in Dickinson. Austin is Emily and Lavinia's older brother, recently out of college.

His character is portrayed by Adrian Enscoe.



Austin grew up in the 19th century in Amherst, Massachusetts. He lived with his family, including sisters Emily and Lavinia.

Throughout the Series[]

In the first season, Austin proposes and gets engaged to Sue Gilbert, Emily's best friend. They proceed with the engagement, despite Austin walking in on Emily and Sue sharing a romantic kiss. Sue gets frustrated with the pressure from both Emily and Austin and retreats to Boston, to his dismay.

However, Sue later returns and she and Austin get married, even though Sue still has unresolved feelings for Emily. Austin is frustrated by his sister's continual pursual of his fiancée and he bans Emily from the wedding.

In Season 2, Austin fights to find love in a loveless marriage. Known that Sue had only married him because otherwise she’d starve to death. In a poem by Emily Dickinson called “I gave myself to him” this is a parallel of their relationship.

In Season 3, for a time, Austin lusts after Jane Humphrey, but eventually he and Sue find an unconventional way to make their marriage work. Austin's relationships also grows a bit strained, especially after he accuses Edward of keeping him and his sisters “in cages”.

Family life[]

He often confides in his sister, Emily. He also becomes very jealous of Emily quite often due to her perceived brilliance by his community, especially Sue. Despite this rivalry, he and Emily maintain a healthy relationship and stay close throughout the series.


Physical Appearance[]

Austin has dark brown wavy hair and pale skin.