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George Gould is one of the recurring characters in Dickinson. He is portrayed by Samuel Farnsworth.



George lives in Amherst Massachusetts during the 19th century. He is a friend to Emily Dickinson and her family.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

George pursues Emily romantically, even though she isn't interested. George helps Emily get her poem published in his magazine.

George asks Edward's permission for Emily's hand in marriage and is disappointed when Edward seems to suggest that George is too lenient with Emily. As Emily prepares to act out Othello with her Shakespeare club George tries to strongarm her into behaving more obediently, first by attempting to censor the play and later by refusing to let Henry, one of the Dickinson's hired hands who is black, play the title role. Though George later tries to explain his actions, Emily is angered and rejects his marriage proposal outright.

At the end of the first season, George leaves town to seek his fortune in California and offers to take Emily with him.


Physical Appearance[]

George has pale skin and dark, short hair.