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Emily Norcross Dickinson, aka Mrs. Dickinson, is one of the main characters in Dickinson. She is the matriarch of the Dickinson family. She is portrayed by Jane Krakowski.



Mrs. Dickinson is the mother of Emily, Austin, and Lavinia. She is married to Edward Dickinson. She is a traditional housewife.

Throughout the Series[]

Mrs. Dickinson maintains the home and supports her husband and three children. She is angry at her husband when he hires a maid, because it made her feel useless.

Season 3[]

In Sang from the Heart, Sire, Emily Norcross decides to come in with her wedding dress, not long after a drunk Austin announces that he will be seeking a divorce from Sue.The family is outraged, but it’s Sue’s dismissal when she says that “[y]ou won’t even remember this in the morning” that cuts deepest. Later, Emily Norcross, who has somehow made it up the stairs in her dress but wants to come down trips and falls down the stairs in the process.

In A little Madness in the Spring, Emily Norcross just wants to escape from the world and likes the idea of spending a few weeks in a place where you can do nothing but relax; even if it means pretending to be crazy to get in.

In The Future never spoke, Edward finds Mrs. Dickinson sitting alone in her room and shows her the peculiar plant he found in Emily’s greenhouse. Which turns out to be Cannabis Sativa. She asks if they should smoke it together because you only live once afterall. Later, Mrs. Dickinson and Edward enjoy the effects of cannabis, dancing around the room in a munchie-induced frenzy. However, she still feels depressed, but now she’s sad and famished. Subsequently, Edward and Mrs. Dickinson take a nap induced from smoking the cannabis sativa.


Physical Appearance[]

Mrs. Dickinson has blonde hair, which is often pulled back, and pale skin. She is generally put together in her appearance.