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Nobody is a recurring character in the second and third seasons of Dickinson. He is portrayed by Will Pullen and turned out to be an illusion of the character of Frazar Stearns.



Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

In Fame is a fickle food, as Emily heads back home after her walk with Sam Bowles, she is accosted by the ghost who, every time she asks him his identity, says “I’m Nobody. Who are you? Are you Nobody too?”. Nobody warns Emily against seeking fame, saying that “fame is not genuine” and that it will use her and destroy her. He also warns her to be wary of people who would seek fame on behalf of Emily.

In The only Ghost I ever saw, at a seance, things turn spooky when seemingly real spirits take over, and Emily has an encounter with “Nobody” again.

In I Like a Look of Agony, when there’s a knock on the Dickinson door, Austin’s missing guest turns out to be Frazar Stearns. “You’re nobody,” Emily tells him, as she explains that she had a vision of Fraser’s upcoming death.

Season 3[]

In My life had stood - a loaded gun -, at Frazar's funeral, the whole town shows up, except for the Dickinson clan. Later, Frazar’s ghost whom Emily first saw as Nobody shows up to deliver some pointed commentary for the poet, and looks right through Emily’s declarations of “hope”. He then leads her into a deep grave, which takes her to a haunted house of all Emily fears. A double-tracked Lavinia blames Emily for her spinsterdom, Austin blames her for his failed marriage, and so on. A masculine-dressed Sue (contrasting Emily in a white dress) proclaims that Edward’s death means the two can be together, but this is not how Emily wanted things to go. She refuses to kiss Sue, and the latter leaves, decrying that there was “never any hope for us”.