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Sam Bowles is a recurring character in the second season of Dickinson. He is an energetic and magnetic newspaper editor. He is portrayed by Finn Jones.



Sam Bowles is the editor of The Springfield Republican. He is eager to publish female writers and takes an interest in Emily and her works.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

In season 2, Sue Gilbert introduces Sam to Emily Dickinson, and he immediately takes interest in her work. He pushes her to write poetry and give them to him, and walks her around showing her off like a trophy. People begin to speculate the two are having an affair, and Emily worries about this, despite believing she is in love with Sam.

Emily wrote a poem to Sam’s wife, Mary, which he tells her made both him and his wife uncomfortable, leading to a falling out between him and Emily.

Emily finally gives Sam one of her poems, which he then publishes in the newspaper.

It is revealed that Sam has been unfaithful to his wife, and has been having an affair with Sue. Much to Emily’s dismay, as she believes she cares deeply about him, but more likely is more betrayed by Sue rather than Sam.

Emily tries to take back her poetry, but Sam practically steals it, until Maggie shows Emily how she secretly stole the poems out of Sam’s case.

He goes onto publishing a second of Emily’s poems, before not being mentioned or seen again.


"Remember, Emily. The romance, it’s between you and yourself”

“You look like someone who should be on the frontpage. This is it. You ready? You ready to see and be seen?”

“And know that I’ll be right here, unable to sleep, because I am so close to your incredible talent.”

“I read your poem, and it’s brilliant. It’s incredible. I’m going to publish it. I’m going to publish you, my little daisy. read your poem, and it’s brilliant. It’s incredible. I’m going to publish it. I’m going to publish you, my little daisy.”


  • On December 12, 2021, Finn Jones, said thatone of the things that really drew him to the character was the fact that you never really know what his true intentions are. On one hand, he's seemingly this liberal, influential editor that wants to celebrate female, creative voices. But on the other hand, you're like: is he someone who's just out for his own success, and his own self-interest, whether that is commercial or sexual...It's a very pivotal scene within the season when you find out that both Sam and Sue have been having this sexual relationship behind everyone's backs. That's a big deal. It's a bomb for everyone. Moreover, Jones also went onto say that in regards to I'm Nobody! Who Are You?, the eight episode of Season 2, that "I remember, it was cool doing that scene, because you're able to reveal another side of Sam when a camera isn't necessarily on him. It was interesting to pull back the curtain, if you will, to really see what Sam has been doing, and who Sam is. It's very revealing".[1]