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The Future never spoke is the seventh episode of the third season of Apple TV+'s Dickinson. It is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall, and aired on December 3, 2021


After a clash with Sue, Emily wishes she could escape from this troubled time altogether. Austin struggles with a man's responsibility in wartime.[1]


Emily receives a letter from Colonel Higginson telling her he wants to meet her. Whereas Vinnie informs Emily that Mrs. Dickinson refuses to leave her bed, and Maggie has the week off, so it’s Emily’s job to fetch the water.

Meanwhile, Sojourner Truth and Betty enjoy the afternoon sunshine. Sojourner encourages Betty to get back out into the dating scene. This coming after Freddie arrives with nothing from Henry. Sojourner plays matchmaker and persuades Betty and Freddie to go on a sunny stroll.

Later, Emily spots Sue waiting in a tree while Emily does chores. Sue wants to talk and mend fences, but Emily still doesn’t comprehend why Sue would envy Emily sharing her poetry with an objective third party.

Not long after, Sue reveals that Austin might receive his draft card soon, and Sue soon discloses her need for more than just pretty words from Emily. She asks Emily to kiss her, but the latter refuses, and the pair part ways for now.

Later, Emily comes to Vinnie’s aid after finding her crying in the pavilion. Vinnie laments not having a husband while Emily decries the war and wishes to skip ahead to the future, one wherein everyone coexists in harmony.

Suddenly, rain pours from the heavens, and lightning strikes the gazebo. It spins until it finally lands in the future.

The Dickinson sisters spot a car driving by them and notice their house looks different.

Back in the past, Edward finds Mrs. Dickinson sitting alone in her room and shows her the peculiar plant he found in Emily’s greenhouse. Which turns out to be Cannabis Sativa. She asks if they should smoke it together because you only live once afterall.

Meanwhile, in the future, Emily and Vinnie encounter none other than Sylvia Plath who informs them that Emily Dickinson’s house usually isn’t open at this time. In 1955, which is Sylvia’s present, women attend college, detest corsets and wear pants! Sylvia believes Emily and Vinnie dabble in method acting, hence the 1862 clothing. The trio then enters Emily’s now 100-year-old home.

Later, Henry (Chinaza Uche) gives Higginson the business — Confederate soldiers march toward their encampment, and the regiment still doesn’t have weapons. Higginson claims Henry’s crew must solidify the barricade and that he needs approval from Lincoln to grant them guns. But Henry asserts rightfully that that won’t suffice.

So, Higginson relays to Henry to intercept a fresh rifle delivery and circumvent authority altogether.

Next, Sylvia takes Vinnie and Emily to the latter’s bedroom, which looks vastly different from earlier. The city of Amherst took liberties when converting the Dickinson abode into a museum. Emily learns that, in 1955, her poetry lives beyond her room, and even Sylvia derives inspiration from her. Sylvia also addresses a book previously published revealing Emily’s love of women, which Emily tries to deny.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Dickinson and Edward enjoy the effects of cannabis, dancing around the room in a munchie-induced frenzy. However, she still feels depressed, but now she’s sad and famished. Edward and Mrs. Dickinson take a weed nap.

Elsewhere, Austin chats with a friend at the local pub. He laments receiving his draft card and his dashed hopes of spending more time with his son. But Austin’s friend provides a solution. How he can pay the bartender to take his place on the battlefield. Afterall, that’s what wealthy people are doing.

Outside of the pub, Freddie and Betty enjoy some ice cream. Freddie believes Betty needs someone to take care of her and Helen, but she’s fine on her own. Freddie informs Betty of Henry’s whereabouts and that he’s in Buford serving in the South Carolina volunteer regiment. While there’s no correspondence from Henry, Freddie hears the rumors.

On the frontline, Henry strategizing with the regiment regarding the rifle interception.

Back Armherst, Austin pays the bartender a pretty penny to replace him in the army.

In the future, Emily and Vinnie spot an airplane outside after leaving Sylvia, citing that the writer might be a bit too “intense” for their liking.

Vinnie then asks Emily to clarify what Sylvia said about her sisterloving only women, or, as Sylvia puts it, Emily, the original sapphic sad girl.

Finally, Emily divulges her feelings for Sue, revealing she’s always loved her. Vinnie appears unsurprised, saying that she already knew. Vinnie then urges Emily to hold fast to the love she shares with Sue.

Unfortunately, George arrives with troubling news; that Frazar Stearns is dead.





  • Wavyy Jonez as The Wall
  • Myles Evans as Erasmus
  • Tristan Griffin as Everett
  • Curtis Morlaye as Michael River Jordan
  • Joey Odom as Archibald
  • Jamel Davall Rodriguez as Freddie
  • Tuck Sweeney as Irish Man/ Bartender





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  • The episode's title and themes are based on " The Future never spoke" which is poem#672 written by Emily Dickinson.[2]
  • On November 30, 2021, Alena Smith teased on twitter Chloe appearing this episode as Sylvia Plath.[3]
  • On December 2, 2021, in the seventh episode, Emily and her sister, Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov) end up receiving a chance to go to the future. A sneak peek of episode 7, “The Future Never Spoke,” written by Ziwe and creator Alena Smith and directed by Heather Jack shared the episode to ET.[4]
    • Smith also confirmed that the real Emily Dickinson growing cannabis is a lesser known fact about the poet.[5]
    • Smith also gave a shoutout to Heather Jack, who was director for the seventh and eight episodes of the final season.[6]
    • On Instagram during a Q&A Steinfeld was asked what her favorite scene on Dickinson was. To which she said that it was Season 3, Episode 7, Scene 9, which is when Emily admits she's in love with Sue to Vinnie and her sister gives her advice on that.[7]
    • Also on this day, Samuel Farnsworth revealed that his co-star Hailee Steinfeld really took him “under her wing” and showed him the ropes throughout filming the show’s three seasons.[8]
    • In addition,a clip showing Ziwe tackling the role of Sojourner Truth,with more of a comedic take on her part was released. Sojourner tals to Betty, played by Amanda Warren urging her friend to get her groove back. In the clip, Sojourner plays wing woman and encourages Betty to start dating again, emphasizing that there’s never a “good time” to get back out there – you just have to do it and put yourself first.[9]
  • On December 3, 2021, Alena Smith sat down with BuzzFeed to chat about how the time travel episode allowed Emily to grow so much. Alena explained that while this episode is filled with comedic moments, it also has a "dark premise."[10]
    • Also on this day it was confirmed that Austin Dickinson was actually a draft dodger.In fact, Dickinson even got the fact that it was an Irishman that Austin paid to take his place correct. And actually, the way he went about doing it was perfectly legal at the time, and it even had a formal name known as substitution.[11]
  • On December 5, 2021, Sylvia Plath explains to Emily and Lavinia that it’s “common knowledge” that Emily was a lonely, “miserable, dried-up spinster” who wore white and cried. Increasingly frustrated, Emily and Lavinia insist that what Sylvia says is not true, but Sylvia remains convinced. For Smith, it’s this moment that Dickinson showrunner Alena Smith says allowed her to confront the “myth” about the show’s subject that the series has sought to dispel.[12]
  • On December 12, 2021, Smith also shared some behind the scenes images which included at least one BTS image for this episode.[13]
  • On December 25, 2021, Smith was asked what her top three episodes from the entire series were. She quickly responded that it was too hard, so instead she wen onto highlight one from each season such as: the circus episode in Season 1 Episode 7:We lose - because we win🎪, the opera episode in Season 2, Episode 6:Split the Lark 🕊 and the time travel episode in Season 3, Episode 7.🌪 She also said that an honorable mention goes to every ep with a dance party in it 👯‍♀️.[14]

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