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The only Ghost I ever saw is the third episode of the second season of Dickinson. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall.


Torn about whether to allow Sam to publish her work, Emily hosts a séance in search of guidance.


After a church sermon, Ship tells Lavinia that she would make the perfect wife: prim, proper, and obedient. He also tells her about his wild ex-girlfriend, Lola Montez, who had even shot him once. Elsewhere, Emily is unable to confide her doubts in Sue because Sue has a social engagement to attend. Emily and Lavinia decide they need spiritual guidance… from the spirits themselves.

The Dickinson girls decide to host a séance with Austin’s household help, Hattie, serving as the medium. While looking for candles, Emily walks in on Henry and Betty arguing about something. It turns out that Henry is anonymously writing an abolitionist paper, ‘The Political Power of Slave Masters,’ but he makes Emily promise she won’t tell anyone. Emily asks Henry if he could publish freely under his name, would he? He responds with, “who wouldn’t?”

Jane and her clique arrive for the spirit-calling party. As the girls club (plus Toshiaki) prepare the queries they have for the spirits, Emily invites Clara and Anna to join in, telling them that the clairvoyant energy in young girls is higher.

Meanwhile, at Austin’s, Austin and Ship whine about their respective girl problems. The séance turns spooky when seemingly real spirits take over, and Emily has an encounter with “Nobody” again. The next day, Emily reaches a decision about whether to publish her poems or not.







  • The episode's title and themes are based on "The only Ghost I ever saw" poem #274 by Emily Dickinson[1]

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